Friday, 25 March 2011

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So - what do you believe? Do you believe anything? For anyone other than of religious ilk, its generally a tough question to answer. Do you believe the hype, the rumours, can you believe it, can you adam-and-eve it? I don't believe it... It beggars belief...

Obviously I believe some of it, like my reality is real - the physical world I inhabit, other people I interract with, creatures & objects - but after that it gets a little tricky.

Yes, the very existence of the material world & all of the beauty, suffering, madness & mundanity therein is proof of something beyond what I currently have evidence to convince anyone of if they're not already convinced - the fact that I'm writing this, the fact you're reading it, etc is all rather remarkable - but some people, massive swathes of them, do believe some fundamentally absurd things... Which they're entitled to do of course, & I try not to judge but I can't help but have a problem with the use of some beliefs to justify certain actions.

People only ever really do things for two reasons: because they need to, or because they want to. That's it - the crazy man who does something in the name of religion would end up doing something crazy for some other reason because he wants or needs to be crazy, same with "good" & "bad" people. You can claim that its due to "chemical imbalances", but you show me a perfectly balanced brain & I will show you a definition arrived at through the use of calculations - but:
I was asked in an interview, in accordance with the tenets of "political correctness", what my views on (the concept of ) diversity were... I babbled for a second or two, then said: "Well, basically, average only exists in numbers..." I smiled and, needless to say, I got the job. Please feel free to use it yourself, its one of those answers/statements you can't really argue with.

People are, simplistically, people; for all intents and purposes they make up their own rules. What most people don't realise is that also means you make up your own rules. The majority of the rich, successful, famous, infamous & downright notorious people are on some level keenly aware of this fact - for many people the lack of their own wealth, success, fame or notoriety is due to them not embracing that - but it is ignorance of it that makes the world what it is today. Civilization often appears to be completely successful in only one respect, which is that it divests people from the sense that they are in control of their own lives. In most places suicide is illegal. Do you understand the implications of that? I'm not by any means advocating suicide, but I feel I should have the right to kill myself if I desire. I appreciate that theoretically such laws are in place to prevent people killing people indiscriminately under the auspice of "assisting suicide", but those laws also deny you a basic human right.

Choose life? We don't get a choice! That being said, I'm fairly confident that people who with every iota of their being wish to die somehow manage to find a way - and it is such with pretty much all laws... I believe in life, I believe that when the alternative is potentially oblivion one should make the most of this shared physical reality. I do not believe that illegal drugs should be illegal, nor do I believe that governments act in their people's best interests. I believe some politicians tell the truth, but that the majority don't, and that some care but the majority did but don't any more - some never did.

I believe democracy is a beautiful idea, but I don't believe in it: it does not exist - like communism it is too perfect a notion to be implemented properly.
I believe in capitalism, because it works - and it works because it is the most suited to humankind's genetic desire to not only survive, but survive in style.
I believe all people against legalisation of drugs are either not well-educated enough on the subject, or stand to gain financially from the perpetuation of their illegal status - I believe legal, prescription drugs are no different than illegal ones.
I believe that people ignorant to the hypocrisy of man are as much to blame for everything as the hypocrites... and those who recognise the hypocrisy & do nothing about it.
I believe we are all responsible for ourselves, & I believe most people abdicate that responsibility without even thinking about it.
I believe the children are our future; teach them now & let them lead the way...
(I don't believe I can fly - tried it, hurts without sufficient safety precautions)
I believe a lot of things, & that's what this blog will predominantly be about - what I believe, what I think, sometimes what I hope, fear or feel.

Thankyou for taking the time to read it (if you have), and please allow me to leave you with this affirmation, which I will write in bold to emphasize its importance to me & how much I wish to express it to you:
I believe in the concept of The Infinite, both mathematical & divine; I believe in Pi, the Moebius Strip & Singularities; I believe in sex, drugs & funky techno -  indeed:

p.s. I promise it won't all be that hardgoing -  next up: TV related stuffandnonsense... Enjoy!

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